Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August Is Indie Month Day -- It's My Birthday, I'll Wear What I Want To!

Only a sort of half indie today! It's my damn birthday and I'm gonna wear the colors I want! Lol!!

China Glaze For Audrey with Colors by Llarowe Leather & Lace as an accent for the thumb and ring finger.
This is two coats of For Audrey, one coat of Leather & Lace on the nails applicable and Duri 2 as top coat (I smell another Duri review coming).

For Audrey was unfortunately a little thick and goopy - I discussed with the company I purchased from and they believe I may have gotten a bad bottle and are sending me a new one. Leather and Lace was gorgeous as always, though it did alter the color just a little bit.

For Audrey is a perfect Tiffany blue, it is exactly that shade and I absolutely love it!

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