Saturday, August 16, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 15!

I know it's day 16 now, I had a terrible sort of day yesterday and didn't get to blog. So I'll do two today to make up for it. They'll be a bit shorter.

This is Cult Nails Intriguing. Two coats, no topcoat. This is a gorgeous soft blue hinting purple, (maybe periwinkle?) gently holographic polish. I have a few similar colors to this but none of them quite get that tiny hint of purple like this one. The subtler holo is also a nice change of pace from the intense linear holos that I usually wear.

Cult Nails is a brand I love, probably the brand that first introduced me to the indie nail polish world and I haven't looked back. These are long wearing polishes that tended to last me a week before I started doing my nails more regularly. There are often great deals on them too! Check out Maria's store here and Join the Cult!

Indoors - direct sunlight.
Indoors with flash.

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