Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 13!

Many apologies for the late post today. Just not feeling up to par, but Indie Month will wait for no lady who loves lacquer! So today I've got Ruby White Tips on the blog. This is a polish that I won the naming contest for!

Here I've got Look at the Flowers over several different bases.
Index finger - two coats over black
Middle finger - three coats alone
Ring finger - Two coats over Rainbow Honey Trifolium
Pinky Finger - Two coats over white

I love RWT polishes, I wish my collection was larger than just a few. They are such gorgeous colors and the collections are always based on things that I'm so fond of like Breaking Bad or in this case The Walking Dead. I love the little glam at the top of every bottle too.

RWT polishes are relatively sheer in my experience, usually needing at least three coats or a well suited undie to make them look their best. In this case I like it best over RH Trifolium, or any other green base I would imagine. It is a tealy green jelly ish polish with pink shimmers all throughout.

All of the RWT polishes I have are long lasting, several days or more without chips or peeling.
Check out her shop on Etsy there are some promotional offers going on right now which you can find on their Facebook page. :)


*Unfortunately I was unable to recover any photos of this look during the December 2014 issue. New images will be uploaded in the future.

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