Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 19!

And day 19 to catch up! Glisten & Glow You've been HAZED! Two coats with HK Girl top coat.

This polish is GORGEOUS. Now that may just be because I have a love for blue holo polish, but I absolutely love this beauty. The formula was perfect, smooth and so easy to work with and that holo! Damn! Just look at that holo! I included two separate flash photos for better shots of the rainbow and the blue color itself with the rainbow.

I wore this polish for a couple of days with minimal tip wear, that's the first time I've ever worn it though. Glisten & Glow is also the brand of top coat I use and I absolutely love it, so if I had to guess, their polish should be just as good. Two thumbs (or ten fingers) up!

*I was unable to recover photos of this polish from the December 2014 issue, but will post new swatches in the near future.

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