Friday, February 7, 2014

Restocks are INSANE!!

Anyone else still riding that re-stock high from the Enchanted Polish restcok over at MeiMeiSignatures this afternoon? Man! I had Water for Unicorns, Secret Sauce and Presto Magic in my cart, but in the ten seconds it took me to fill in my address they were gone. I did manage to get All Love Garden and I got to the checkout page with a Presto Magic (the one I was really after) but the payment wouldn't process and I lost it.

Still, getting All Love Garden!! It's been a lemming for a while but it was pointed out to me recently that it's very similar to A England Dragon. I won't say no! Perhaps I can swap it for things I'm more desperate for if it is as close to Dragon as they say.

What did you manage to get at the restock? Do you have a Presto Magic for me? Lol!

Nail Mail!

FABULOUS day for Nail Mail!!

I got three of the packages I was waiting on today.
Julep - Judi, Kristin, Love and Cameron
Colors by Llarowe - Legion of Boom and Seahawks Lime
HITS Polish - Art Lover and Super Cute, duplicates for Enchanted Polish Across the Universe and Magical Mystery Tour respective.

And of course, immediately I had to crack open those beautiful Llarowes!
The holo on Seahawks Lime is absolutely stunning! This is a single coat with full opacity. I have since added a second coat because a cat having a hairball made some dents in the original, but a second coat really wasn't needed otherwise.
Legion of Boom is a beautiful teal color full of holographic glitter that gives off a great flame. The only thing to note with this one was that I did need two thick coats of top coat to even out the rough texture.

Stunning! And I'm going to have a hard time deciding on what to use next!