Thursday, August 14, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 14!

Day 14! HITS Polish Art Lover, a holographic multichrome that is a duplicate for Enchanted Polish Across the Universe. It shifts from blue to purple mainly, but also can show red/yellow in certain light situations.

This is one coat over a black base. I really love the many colors and the bright holographics of these polishes, I have several and the quality is no different than EP in my opinion. They last several days on the nail, wear very well and have great color pay off. I purchased mine from llarowe.

There are several HITS polishes that dupe EPs, so if you're looking for some of those multichromes take a look! Great prices, cute bottles.

Indoors with flash.
Indoors, indirect sunlight.
Indoors under halogen lights with flash.
Indoors, indirect sunlight, to show some of the color shift.

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