Friday, August 1, 2014

August Is Indie Month Day 1!

For day #1 of August is Indie Month, chose for me #2 - which corresponds to I Love Nail Polish brand. For more information about Indie Month and to check out what the other participants are wearing today, click here

I present you with ILNP - Charmingly Purple, a lavender/lilac linear holo.
This is two coats, with no top coat as I won't be leaving this n very long and it dries to quite a shiny finish on its own. The formula is buttery and glides on very smooth. I really like the way these polishes go on.
The staying power of ILNP has been 2-3 days in my past experience with minimal tip wear. I don't usually wear my polish longer than that so I can't say how long it lasts truly.
Indoors, indirect sunlight.
 The color on this first photo is the exact color this polish shows in shade/indirect light. You can also catch a bit of the holo flame on my pinky finger.
Indoors, natural lighting.

Indoors with flash.

With flash under halogen lights.
Of the photos I took, this one is probably the most color accurate under bright lighting and shows off the strong linear holo quite well.

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