Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 6!

An unexpected challenger enters the arena today! Haha! Yesterday I recieved a polish I had forgotten was coming, a new Indie brand that I didn't yet have any of.

She seemed like the perfect entry for today. This is three coats of Liquid Sky Lacquer's French Quarter. A gorgeous purple/magenta thermal that turns a whiter/beige shade when warm. It was very difficult to catch the real colors, but I've tried my very best here to get it in a few different light settings to capture all of the faces.

Application was smooth and this polish was very quick drying. I really enjoyed working with it and watching as it changed from the color in the bottle to the colors you see on my nails. I cannot speak to the wear time of this formula as I will only be wearing it for a short time and this is my first time with it on.

I wish it were easier to capture the beauty of French Quarter but it was very difficult to capture the thermal change well on camera.
Indoors, indirect sunlight.
Indoors under halogen lights with flash.

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