Saturday, August 16, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 16!

 Picture heavy post incoming!!
 It was quite difficult to catch all of the different aspects of CrowsToes That Boy Is a P-I-G Pig!
This is four coats with HK Girl top coat. I apologize for the lump on my pinky, we had a mishap and I didn't quite file the glue down enough. This is the only swatch that I didn't get to correct the problem for.

I took photos in several different lighting situations, in different hand positions, trying to catch the teal shimmer flash and the flakies that fill this sheer soft pink.

I experienced a fair amount of shrinkage with this polish which is the first time it has happened to me with HK Girl top coat. It may be because there were so many coats of polish - they may not have dried fully. Other than that it wore well for two days before I changed my mani.

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