Friday, August 8, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 8!

Day #8 already! I'm a little surprised with myself that I've managed to keep this up so long, but here's hoping I will be able to finish out the month! Alright, for today I've got LynBDesigns Purple Polish of Sex from her Baker Street Collection (Sherlock). 

My index and ring finger are two coats of Purple Polish of Sex over two coats of Cult Nails Blackout.
Middle and pinky finger are four coats of Purple Polish of Sex.

The application is nice, but very sheer compared to what it looks like in the bottle. After four coats it was a little uneven, but if I had gone a bit slower between coats it would have been fine. I hadn't done this with undies yet, but in future I most certainly will use black undies if I'm going to wear this polish. It makes the color what I really want from it.

It is a shimmery deep purple with both blue and pink shimmer. The two pictures with flash did a good job picking up the blue. You can see the pink a bit in the bottle of the first picture and on the index finger.

Lasting power was a bit less than I usually like, 1-2 days for me, though it's possible that at that time I didn't have a good base/topcoat combination. 

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