Sunday, August 17, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 17!

Day 17! More than halfway through the month and it's flying by. I have ordered some more indies that should be arriving soon so I won't have quite so many repeats of brands at the end of the month.

Today I've got Different Dimension's 7 Years of College Down the Drain from the August A Box Indied.
This is a hot pink, I want to say jelly, filled with gold flakies and shimmer. You can see the flakies a bit better in the third photo (closeup in the sun).

This is two coats, no topcoat. It seemed even in real life but the photos have made it look a bit bumpy and patchy unfortunately. It went on smooth and was quite nice for what it is, it actually matched my skin tone quite nicely, but I am not really a pink wearing type of girl.

There is some visible nail line with two coats, it probably would have been better with three but this was fine for the short time I would be wearing it. This is my first Different Dimension polish and I only wore it for a short time so I cannot speak to the durability of these polishes.

It is a gorgeous color though, if you're into hot pink I would definitely recommend picking this one up if you can find it.

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