Monday, August 4, 2014

August is Indie Month Day 4!

I'm so sorry this post is late! I had a migraine keep me down most of the day and only now am getting around to trying to get a few things done before heading back to bed.

Today I've got A England Tristam for you, a gorgeous shade of deep blue with amazing soft holographic effect. The application from A England is always amazing, these poslishes are self leveling and usually one coat is enough.

This is two coats of Tristam, no top coat.

The photos have really done a great job of catching the different faces of this polish which changes in certain lights from a deep blue to a blurple.
Indoors with flash.
Indoors, indirect sunlight.

Indoors with flash under halogen lights.


  1. And now I need Tristam even more! Lovely colour on you.

    1. Oops! These blogs really are bad for enabling aren't they? I really love this color, but it's a favorite for winter for me. :)