Monday, May 26, 2014

Paco Rabanne Lady Million - Perfume Review Week #3

Day three of perfume review week, Paco Rabanne - Lady Million. The initial notes of this fragrance were sweet, but not quite fruity, with a hint of florals on the end. As the fragrance has developed, it has become a more subtle scent that seems to be equally sweet and all I can describe as clean. It's almost like a soap sort of scent. Not in a bad way, mind you, just that it has a very clean sort of scent to it along with it's sweetness. I could see myself wearing this scent to work or more casual venues as it seems more business oriented than on the sexy side. A very nice scent on the whole, clean, fresh and sweet.
The description of this fragrance is: "With notes that include raspberry, orange flower, white honey, lemon, neroli and jasmine, Paco Rabanne Lady Million is a unique women's scent that is sure to please the noses of those who surround you. Created by Paco Rabanne, this 2010 perfume has a moderate scent that isn't overwhelming. The casual fragrance is ideal for work or for when you're headed out to spend the day with friends or family members. The mature scent will last through any situation."

It comes packages in a gemstone shaped gold bottle which is quite cute. I was unable to find a simple site for sizes and prices, but it looks to come in several sizes and types (eau de toilette, eau de parfume, and 'gold edition') which range from $50-120 in my searches.

Personally, I do not think I would purchase this scent. While it remains something young, it definitely feels like a mature scent to me - one that I might find more appealing if I were in the business world for networking. It doesn't seem very unique to me, a combinationf of clean and sweet is not too hard to find. There is a warmth to the scent but it just doesn't have the romantic or girly feeling that I like in a fragrance. It's very nice, a very calm scent, but one I don't think I would want to actually purchase at this point in my life. If I found myself in the business world, it might be on my lst.

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