Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Colors by Llarowe - Bring Us The Girl

Colors by Llarow Harlow & Co Exclusive - Bring Us The Girl

This is an absolutely gorgeous pink holographic. Application was very smooth and only required one coat for opacity. There is some texture to it as it is a bit of a glitter style formula. In the end I used 3 light coats of top coat for a smooth glassy finish. In this photo there is only 1 coat. This polish was particularly forgiving to mistakes as one finger was dinged and easily corrected, I do love that about it and any polish that offers that little feature in general.

This is my very first pink nail polish, I am not a pink girl. I am however a huge Bioshock fangirl and could not say no. I'm glad I bought it, I will happily wear this pink when the occasion calls for it, though I don't think it has turned me into a pink girl.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you enjoy a peachy pink with some serious holographics. Gorgeous, and one coat. Five stars!

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