Monday, September 22, 2014

October's Mani Challenge - Amazing Autumn!

In continuation of the mani challenges that the wonderful Tina over at We Didn't Miss It has been coming up with, this month she asked me if I wanted to create the challenge 'chart' since October's idea of autumn colors was my suggestion. The ladies loved this idea and Tina and I have been chittering about our excitement to get started since then. So about a week ago I finally caved to the desire and wrote out the color chart. Who doesn't love Autumn colors?! I can't wait to get started!

Previous Monthly challenges I have participated in are August Is Indie Month and the first portion of September is Stamping Month. Unfortunately I've had some nail casualties and am working with shorties for the time being, so I've ducked out of stamping. Stamping is difficult enough working with nails the images actually fit on! Haha.

In the meantime if you'd like to see what I've been up to with my shorties, I'm still posting some of my manis on my Instagram, follow me there!

Now, for the good stuff.

This is October's suggested guide for the daily mani challenge. Participate on the days that you are able or want to, there's no requirement to do it daily, though I will be trying to. I will be following this guide the best I can (I'm still missing a few colors and they may not arrive in time!). The first 18 days are guided in color choice and the last 13 days are open to your interpretation for color or design, just follow the theme! Show us what color your favorite teacup and lap blanket are. ;)

Some guidelines I want to remember which you may choose to follow (or are welcome to ignore):
  • Follow the color guidelines when you can and substitute something when you must
  • Blog and/or post nails to instagram every day
  • Try choosing an untried polish first or showing a favorite
  • Write a quick (but honest) review of each polish that you choose to blog about
  • Pick indies before big brands #supportindie !!
  • Link back to the maker where possible on IG or FB
  • HAVE FUN!*
If you want to participate, let me know! Drop me a message or leave me a note with links to where you'll be posting your Amazing Autumn manis. I'll be posting a Participant list soon. I will be sharing my manis here on the blog and daily on my Instagram (#amazingautumnmanis and  #octobermanichallenge). Let us know where you'll be posting yours so we can check it out!

I cannot wait to get started!

*You're not allowed to ignore this guideline. It's a must!


  1. Great idea! I'd love to give it a go, especially as I have more variety of colours than I do of stamping plates, so obeying the colour chart should be a bit easier for me. I don't have any indies though at the moment, but if I do purchase any over the coming weeks, I promise to make them my first choice ahead of a similar 'brand name' polish. Is that alright, and not making the rules too bendy? :)

    1. Yes, of course! The 'rules' are just for me, you can follow and disregard whichever ones work for you. The most important one is to have fun!

    2. Fab! Having fun doing my nails? Goes without saying :D Here's to a fun October!

  2. I'm half ass participating again! I don't have any browns so those will be the days I skip ;c)

    1. On Insta? What's your account I will add you to the list. :)