Friday, February 7, 2014

Nail Mail!

FABULOUS day for Nail Mail!!

I got three of the packages I was waiting on today.
Julep - Judi, Kristin, Love and Cameron
Colors by Llarowe - Legion of Boom and Seahawks Lime
HITS Polish - Art Lover and Super Cute, duplicates for Enchanted Polish Across the Universe and Magical Mystery Tour respective.

And of course, immediately I had to crack open those beautiful Llarowes!
The holo on Seahawks Lime is absolutely stunning! This is a single coat with full opacity. I have since added a second coat because a cat having a hairball made some dents in the original, but a second coat really wasn't needed otherwise.
Legion of Boom is a beautiful teal color full of holographic glitter that gives off a great flame. The only thing to note with this one was that I did need two thick coats of top coat to even out the rough texture.

Stunning! And I'm going to have a hard time deciding on what to use next!

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