Thursday, March 19, 2015

Battle of the Topcoats - Part 1!! HK Girl Vs Seche Vite

Immediately after finishing the mani.
Shortly after finishing the mani - you can see some shrinkage already occuring on the index finger.

Shortly after finishing the mani - all good!

Both my HK Girl and my Seche Vite are quite low, as you can tell. They've both been thinned to be workable and both apply similarly to the nail. Each one had a tiny bit of smudging on the stamping if I wiped the brush over it too many times, so in that regard the performance was the same.

However within hours of finishing, a clear winner began to emerge. The nails with Seche Vite were already showing some serious tip wear/shrinkage.

Shrinkage/tip wear on the SV nail.

Within about 48 hours, I had some chipping on the SV nails. You may notice that I had to file my nails a bit before this photo was taken - some rough edges were catching and I didn't want any breaks, so the index finger looks less severe than reality. As you can see, the HK Girl nails are still looking quite good!

Winner: HK Girl!!

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