Thursday, June 26, 2014

Does That $#!T Really Work? - Duri Rejuvacote

Welcome to the very first edition of "Does That $#!T Really Work?" featuring a review of the highly recommended base and top coat, Duri Rejuvacote. The long and the sort answer? HELL YES THIS REALLY WORKS! It works amazing wonders on your nails. I've unfortunate had some breakage due to not taking care of my nails well, but the growth is astounding. I've taken a photo exactly one month apart to show the difference. Prior to Duri, I could never get my nails to grow past my fingertips before they would start breaking and peeling. The results... well, see for yourself!

Day 1: May 24 2014

Day 30: June 24 2014 
(some filing/shaping has been done in between)

What an amazing difference this stuff has made in my nails! I was able to find my first bottle at Winners for about $9. I have been back looking for more but couldn't find it, so I'll be picking up my next bottle from

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